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DiFiore's Atlas of Histology With Functional Correlations
Victor P. Eroschenko, Ph.D.

This is an excellent histology book. This histology atlas is ideal for anybody learning histology. It is appropriate for both undergraduate and medical/dental students in their histology course. There are both illustrations of histology tissues and photographs of histology tissue. The text describing the histology of each subject is well written and concise. (Histology hint from Sarah Bellham: I use this histology atlas as the required histology atlas when teaching histology)




Color Atlas of Basic Histology
Irwin Berman, Ph.D.

This histology book has actual histology photographs of the histology specimen. There are full-color, high quality, oversized histology photographs which show essential details. If you are a "visual learner" this would be an ideal histology atlas. (Histology hint from Sarah Bellham: I use this histology atlas as the recommended optional histology atlas when teaching histology. It is a very good compliment to the DiFiore's. DiFiore's has drawings and lots of explanation, and this one has crystal clear beautiful histology photomicrographs.)




Color Atlas of Histology
Leslie Gartner; James L Hiatt

This is a spiral bound histology atlas. This histology atlas contains histology images for all of the major tissue classes and body systems. It includes a bound-in histology CD-ROM with the histology images from the atlas. (Histology hint from Sarah Bellham: Many of my histology students have found this atlas a useful supplement. It is consce, compact, and easy to use.)

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